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Patchnotes zum ESO PTS Patch 2.0

Im offiziellen ESO Forum hat Gina Bruno nun die Patchnotes zum PTS Patch 2.0 veröffentlicht. Diese wurden in Vorbereitung auf die erscheinende Version „Tamriel Unlimited“ nun zur Verfügung gestellt.

Patchnotes zum ESO PTS Patch 2.0

Am kommenden Dienstag, den 17. März, ist es nämlich soweit. Elder Scrolls Online wird auf Buy-to-Play umgestellt. Wer das Spiel einmal gekauft hat kann es ohne zusätzliches Abo spielen, neue Spielinhalte werden als kostenpflichtige DLCs dann implementiert – außer man besitzt eine ESO Plus Mitgliedschaft.

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This PTS patch is in preparation for Tamriel Unlimited, and contains some fixes for gameplay, itemization, and the Justice System. Please note that there will be additional fixes included in next week’s patch on the Live megaservers.


Tamriel Unlimited

  • Updated all in-game logos with new The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited logos.
  • Updated the initial start-up logo and game intro movies.
  • Updated all legal documents, which includes the following:
    • EULA
    • Terms of Service
    • Privacy Policy
    • Code of Conduct
  • Updated the credits and all copyright text.
  • Updated various tutorials that reference the name of the game.

Alliance War

  • Enemy keep bonuses have been restored!

Combat & Gameplay

  • Assassination
    • Grim Focus: This ability will now always play visual effects while it’s active so you know when the ability needs to be refreshed. We also fixed some visual issues with the spectral bow.


  • Restoring Light
    • Restoring Aura: This ability no longer removes major buffs from allies, such as Major Fortitude granted by Green Dragons Blood.


  • Light Armor
    • Concentration: Fixed an issue where this passive wasn’t granting any Spell Penetration.


  • Werewolf
    • Call of the Pack: Fixed an issue with this passive not correctly giving additional transformation time to nearby Werewolf allies. Call of the Pack now increases the duration of nearby allies’ Werewolf Transformation for 5 seconds at Rank I, and 10 seconds at Rank II when the caster activates Werewolf Transformation.
    • Tooltips for all Werewolf transformation abilities now show their duration.

Champion System

  • Fixed an issue where logging in with an existing unconverted character for the first time could restart the enlightenment process, once the process had begun.

Exploration & Itemization

  • Previewing a tabard while having a costume equipped will no longer cause your torso to disappear.

Item Sets

  • Burning Spellweave: Fixed an issue where this item set was giving Weapon Critical instead of Spell Critical.

Justice System

  • Renamed the purple-quality stealable item „Bolt of the Second Numidium” to “Bolt of the Nimidium.” Akulakhan will never realize its ability to transcend time. That right belongs to another golem.
  • Fixed an issue where you could receive bounty for a crime despite no visible witnesses being present.

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