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ESO Tamriel Rundschau – Ausgabe 70

Zenimax hat eine weitere Ausgabe der Tamriel Rundschau veröffentlicht. Auch dieses mal gibt es wieder tolle Bilder und Geschichten von Fans. Auch für die Ohren gibt es in dieser Ausgabe etwas, so findet Ihr weiter unten eine Parodie auf das bekannte Lied „Let it go“.

ESO Tamriel Rundschau – Ausgabe 70

Auch dieses mal gibt es wieder einige fantastische Fanarts die sich durchaus sehen lassen können.

Die Lied-Parodie ist wirklich phänomenal gut und sollte von jedem von Euch gewürdigt werden durch einmal anhören!

TESO MitarbeiterZenimax on Tamriel Rundschau (Quelle)


A Cry for FreedomVon Infinite auf TESO RP

Lenois Casevius sat before her, a small drink in her hand. They had met in a quiet corner of a quiet tavern. The Imperial and the Breton sat together, talking quietly. Miss Casevius was quite distraught, as many would observe. Indeed, it was accurate. Casevius had gone to everyone–the Knight’s Mentor, the Guard, the Military at large–nothing. No one was willing to go out on a whim. She was desperate, so Aria Dane reached out to her.

The Chosen – Part 1Von rdmyers65 auf TESO RP

Rain gently fell on the streets of Wayrest leaving mirror like puddles interrupted by concentric circles that expanded until they disappeared. Few people ventured out of their homes on this rainy night as it was hours before dawn. Those who were out were either those who had unavoidable business to attend or those who lived on the streets themselves. The cloaked figure was the former. She raced deftly across the plaza avoiding the puddles with practiced ease. She knew that he was there waiting for her to arrive. He was always there and as always, she would come running to his side.

Death-Grip on the DamnedVon Rhilari Kingston auf TESO RP

With every frantic step, they gained on her. Though she was fairly lean and swift, their limbs were longer, stronger, and within moments, their angry hands and growls had consumed her, dragging her back from whence she came. Her pulse thundered in her ears, her gloves scraping the jagged courtyard stones in a fruitless effort to escape. Their eager hisses of satisfaction as they reigned her in were sickening. Her head swam as it cracked against the mossy cobblestones that had surely, at one time, been a solemn and beautiful arrangement.

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