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ESO Tamriel Rundschau – Ausgabe 65

Zenimax hat eine weitere Ausgabe der Tamriel Rundschau veröffentlicht. Auch in dieser Woche zeigen uns die Entwickler wieder tolle Fan-Arts, Geschichten und es gibt ein Musikstück von Armin Gutjahr.

ESO Tamriel Rundschau – Ausgabe 65

Folgend findet Ihr 4 sehr gute Bilder welche von Fans erstellt wurden. Besonders das Bild mit den Aevengears gefällt uns sehr gut.Darunter befindet sich das tolle Musikstück von Armin Gutjahr.

Zudem gibt es in dieser Woche ein Musikstück von Armin Gutjahr. Dieser hat bereits in der Vergangenheit viele verschiedene Kompositionen zu ESO veröffentlicht. Auch sein neustes Lied ist mal wieder wirklich atemberaubend.

TESO MitarbeiterZenimax on Tamriel Rundschau (Quelle)


An Escape from S-ren’ja [Barrinor Bluedale] – Von nzcarey auf TESO-RP

Barrinor paced back and forth in the dungeon cell, or what served for such in this village. He had been locked in a cave, that smelled of burned skooma and dead rats. The S-ren’ja guards had locked him in here when that filthy whore of an Altmer dragged him to this forsaken village for his ‚Judgement‘. „Her and her filthy rotten mercenary friends.“ he thought. It had been almost a whole day that he had been stuck in this cell, much longer than he had been imprisoned in the past and it was getting cold.

Predator’s Prayer – Von Devinadel Gawa dunen auf TESO-RP

Leannan stood, still as stone, upon the balcony of Shadevale Manor’s second floor withdrawing room. Her strangely red-hued eyes cast their gaze over the battlements of Northpoint and out over the night darkened sea to the east. The moons were crescent and waning, but even still, in their pale, wan light the night was alive and vibrant to her eyes. It was what lay behind those eerie, spying orbs which was shrouded and darkly entombed.

Story of a Destitute Thief – Von Vertiblade auf TESO-RP

I was born to a poor Dunmer family, one of twelve siblings all adopted for charity. Our small clan hailing from Ald’ruhn, Morrowind, we lived on the streets and the siblings learned to steal and scam for a living. It was not the most productive childhood, as our parents were cold and private. Uncaring yet gentle and supportive of our small pack of adolescent thieves.

Curse of the Sand – Von Techmatic auf TESO-RP

Volgar! Volgar! Volgar!” The spectators cheered as the man stepped on the sand of the arena stadium and waved his battle axe around as he then lifts it’s up holding it with his both hand and roared at the spectators and then looked across the stadium at his opponent who the spectators called Arannir the Swift. “Hah! Boy go back to your mother’s lap!” Volgar taunted at the young bosmer lad.

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