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ESO Tamriel Rundschau – Ausgabe 64

Gestern wurde eine weitere Ausgabe der Tamriel Rundschau veröffentlicht. Auch dieses mal gibt es wieder einige tolle Fanarts, ein selbst komponiertes Musikstück sowie viele ausgedachte Geschichten die sich rund um The Elder Scrolls Online drehen.

ESO Tamriel Rundschau – Ausgabe 64

Im Folgenden findet Ihr dieses mal ganze 6 veröffentlichten Bilder von Zenimax. Darunter befindet sich das tolle Musikstück von Armin Gutjahr.

Zudem gibt es in dieser Woche ein Musikstück von Armin Gutjahr. Dieser hat bereits in der Vergangenheit viele verschiedene Kompositionen zu ESO veröffentlicht. Auch sein neustes Lied ist mal wieder wirklich atemberaubend.

TESO MitarbeiterZenimax on Tamriel Rundschau (Quelle)

A Nightmare AwakeningVon Devinadel Gawadunen auf TESO-RP

She felt the grounding impact as a series of dull, painful contacts from feet to knees, to hands, arms, chest and face as dusty, gritty ground broke her body’s rag-doll like fall from…somewhere. She rolled to loll on her back against the gritty surface. The agony wracking her to her physical core was unbearable and seemed unending. She was bleeding, within as well as without.

An Orsimer KingVon Kry gra-Ishann auf TESO-RP

It had not been a realistic proposition, requesting her brother’s presence at her stronghold in Orsinium. Why would the chief of an independent tribe journey so far to Wrothgar, during the month of Sun’s Dawn? Here, that name was misleading: winter was still firmly ensconced as tyrant of the mountains, freezing everything but the orcs and the trickling of time. She had said as much in her letter.

Storm on the Horizon – Von Halorin auf TESO-RP

Halorin’s form stepped through the white shroud of magical light that fought against the evening’s darkness, the presence of Aetherius splitting open and recessing toward the stone wayshrine as the man traveled down the steps. He cringed every time he made use of a portal spell. Recent months gave Halorin reason to be protective of his soul and its manipulation. So much understood and left blank about how the things worked. But time was of the essence.

[Varayne] Dangerous PreyVon Dyna auf TESO-RP

Even the wind was warm, heavy with rain; she could taste it in the air, could feel the storm gathering high overhead… even as the sun sank beyond the horizon, there was no relief from the oppressive heat. Her bones felt heavy. The very breath she drew was stale, and the thin cloth of her robes seemed to cling to her skin, dampened by the sweat of her body. Flesh flies had gathered around her, greedily closing in on any exposed skin, biting at her stillness. At first, she twitched a shoulder, an ear – anything to stir them. But it was not enough. Her lips pressed together, one eye blinking steadily as she kept to her vigil, acutely aware of her body’s discomfort.

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