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ESO Tamriel Rundschau – Ausgabe 63

Gestern wurde eine weitere Ausgabe der Tamriel Rundschau veröffentlicht. Auch dieses mal gibt es wieder einige tolle Fanarts, ein selbst komponiertes Musikstück sowie viele ausgedachte Geschichten die sich rund um The Elder Scrolls Online drehen.

ESO Tamriel Rundschau – Ausgabe 63

Im Folgenden findet Ihr wie gewohnt die 4 veröffentlichten Bilder von Zenimax. Darunter befindet sich das tolle Musikstück von Oliver Getz.

Oliver Getz hat wirklich ein tolles Lied zu ESO veröffentlicht. Zwar passt es thematisch gesehen am besten zu den Nord, jedoch ist es wirklich wohlklingend und dahinter steckt bestimmt eine große Menge an Arbeit.

TESO MitarbeiterZenimax on Tamriel Rundschau (Quelle)

Anything is possible. Always.Von FadedJeans auf TESO-RP

The wiry Breton peered nervously into the darkness, his anxious eyes flitting from shadow to spindly shadow. “But what if there are Daedra out there?”

The small campfire crackled, spitting an unruly ember an arm’s distance – as if it were trying to escape. It tumbled harmlessly onto the raked earth that Bran had carefully cleared.

On the Nature of Elemental Magic – Von Feynn auf TESO-RP

In the mind of most apprentices and of the general public, the study of the elements is most commonly associated with that of destructive spells. Ask any apprentice, and he will confidently list the elements as Shock, Flame and Frost. While of course the School of Destruction draws heavily on the natural elements, it is hardly sufficient to gain a thorough understanding of the essence of the elements themselves. I would suggest that a serious scholar needs to look at other sources as well, particularly Cosmogony and Conjuration. With this in mind, let me present my own understanding on the nature of elemental magic.

The Wolf’s DaughtersVon Hasgard Bulivyf auf TESO-RP

It was at the end of his third night traveling with no sleep. Hasgard rode through rain and wind like a man possessed. One horse had been ridden near to death and this second was laboring with noisy breath but pressed on, a testament to both beast and breeder. It was near to dawning but as he crested the last hill overlooking the remote fishing village it was not the sun that lit up the darkened horizon.

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