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ESO Tamriel Rundschau – Ausgabe 62

Gestern wurde eine neue Ausgabe der Tamriel Rundschau veröffentlicht. Auch dieses mal gibt es wieder einige tolle, selbst gemachte Bilder zu sehen. Für die Fans von Geschichten gibt es auch wieder interessante Fanfiction.

ESO Tamriel Rundschau – Ausgabe 62

Neben den tollen Geschichten und Bildern gibt es dieses mal leider kein Musikstück. Schade eigentlich, denn die selbst komponierten Lieder der letzten Woche konnte man perfekt in einer Playlist speichern und nebenbei während des Questens anhören.

TESO MitarbeiterZenimax on Tamriel Rundschau (Quelle)

Admalaude Family BusinessVon Halorin auf TESO-RP

The wind that high up was cooler than on the Wayrest streets. A swift gift ruffled the excess flap of Halorin’s hood, forming the man to grip the curved edge of the rooftop he was perched on. Lowered to a crouch, he looked to the adjacent building with a determined glare.

The balcony across the way was covered with lavish potted plants and a finely polished wooden table. His attention was largely set on the woman standing at the balcony’s rail, overlooking Wayrest. It had been a while since Ranne seen his mother. He was certain he’d never speak to her again, yet here he was. With a feral snarl , he squared himself up and leapt into the wind.

March of the Crimson Tear – Chapter One: The AwakeningVon Techmatic auf TESO-RP

Somewhere in the Eastmarch. Man runs in pitch black forest horrifying look on his face as there loud wolf howl echoes and monsters waiting for their preys. Man’s heart stopped for second as he saw the creature. He stops to take a breath. Suddenly someone grabs from the man’s shoulder. „Let me go you beast!“ Man screamed. „Hey it’s me.“ The person said who grabbed from the man’s shoulder said trying to sound a bit of calm. „I think… You were the beast…“ the man said to the other person. The other one chuckles and says. “Or am I?” and shows the man his wolfish grin.

[Varayne] The Cursed CompassVon Dyna auf TESO-RP

The morning dawned cloudy and grey, touched with gold somewhere behind the coming storm. She felt the cool wind on her golden cheeks, could taste rain in the air – heavy and clean. She closed her eye and tilted her pointed features skyward.

It had been a rare kind of night, and it was with unaccustomed reluctance that she’d departed the mercenary camp, mindful of the fact that she had named a Khajiit as ‚friend‘ and spent the evening reminiscing on times long past.

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