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ESO Tamriel Rundschau – Ausgabe 55

Gestern wurde eine neue Ausgabe der Tamriel Rundschau veröffentlicht. Auch dieses mal gibt es wieder einige tolle, selbstgemachte Bilder zu sehen. Für die Fans von Geschichten gibt es auch wieder interessante Fanfiction.

ESO Tamriel Rundschau – Ausgabe 55

Neben den tollen Geschichten und Bildern gibt es auch wieder ein selbst komponiertes Musikstück, welches man sich gerne während des Spielens nebenbei mal anhören kann. Es fügt sich perfekt in die Welt von Elder Scrolls Online ein.

Bereits in der letzten Woche gab es ein Musikstück von Armin Gutjahr. Auch dieses ist ein absolutes Meisterwerk und könnte direkt vom Entwickler selbst stammen. Vom Stil her ist es deutlich düsterer und passt perfekt nach Kalthafen.

TESO MitarbeiterZenimax on Tamriel Rundschau (Quelle)

Reist mit den Augen anderer ESO-Fans durch Tamriel und besucht unser Forum, um eigene Geschichten zu präsentieren!

[Daniyah] Dark Clouds – Von Dyna auf TESO-RP

The night was drizzling and grey, a last breath of winter chill lingering in the cold sea-salt breeze; Daniyah al-Amin drew her cloak about herself a bit more tightly, and let the door of the Rosy Lion close behind her.

The stars were hidden beneath a coverlet of clouds, but the darkness didn’t touch her. Not this night. Though her features looked as they always did – a terrible mask of burns and queerly patient calm – her mind was working, faster and faster. Is this the will of HoonDing, then-? Is this what I was meant to seek?

On the Trail of an Asp – Von ivysquid auf TESO-RP

I will report in here what I have discovered thus far, we have something hunting in these lands, not man or beast, but supernatural. The marks bear the hallmarks of a vampire. What is strange is that whoever is doing this is not trying to hide its intentions at all, the bodies are found bobbing up and down in the harbour. Three dead have already been found and as for suspects, there are always new people here. At the moment I have three leads, a Redguard woman. The second is a wealthy merchant whose vessels came in, there is rumors about what goes on, on his ships. The third is a woman who bears all of the hallmarks of a reach woman. That said I really don’t have a good feeling about this case.

Out From the Desert – Von Vikkus auf TESO-RP

He desired the warmth of the desert, the sea of sand that extended beyond sight in every direction. The time spent within the camps and caravans had been wearing on Zhivago. Too many people, too much noise. They clamored and shouted for space and attention to what they thought important that the time.

There was ample space in the desert. Zhivago could not understand how they could be so blind to what he could so plainly see.

Silt – Von Talley auf TESO-RP

The young man of nondescript features grins as he saunters towards the family holdings, each of his hands occupied with an undoubtedly expensive silver bowl filled to the brim with a grimy, dark substance which seems to have enveloped him up to the forearms.

The guard at the gate sighs, knowing full well what terror approaches him.

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