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ESO Tamriel Rundschau – Ausgabe 54

Zenimax hat gestern die neue Tamriel Rundschau veröffentlicht, welche einige tolle Bilder für Euch bereit hält. Zusätzlich gibt es auch etwas für die Ohren, nämlich wurde ein Musikstück von Zenimax gepostet, dass sehr an Elder Scrolls Online angelehnt ist.

ESO Tamriel Rundschau – Ausgabe 54

Neben den selbst gemalten Bildern und der tollen selbst komponierten Musik gibt es auch jede Menge Fanfiction. Eine tolle Sache, für alle die gerne solch kleine Geschichten lesen. Hier aber zuerst die Fan-Bilder und das Musikstück.

Die Musik in ESO selbst ist schon eine tolle Sache. Sie ist in den richtigen Momenten beruhigend, dreht in den Schlachten aber ordentlich auf und sorgt für Stimmung. Der gute Armin Gutjahr hat ein eigenes Musikstück komponiert, welches an ESO angelehnt ist. Lehnt Euch zurück und genießt diesen tollen Song.

TESO MitarbeiterZenimax on Tamriel Rundschau (Quelle)

A Light Most Pure – Von Infinite auf TESO-RP

Rillian knocked an arrow into her maple bow, crouching down silently. The sleight and small bosmer–even for her race’s standard–had slipped between a moss-covered stone and a large Oak. Using one foot to pin her body against the stone by the tree, she was lifted two feet off the ground. Orcs were passing, she was outside Orsinium. A group of Orcs were in combat with a „local pest“ as they called it in their rough voices as they passed.

Corruption within the Dominion – Von Inquisitor Vanguard auf TESO-RP

Sevario’s journey took him through the darkest reaches of Cold Harbor, a man turned Vampire, and monster, his bitter hatred of the world now lead him to one quest to become the icon of all hatred in the world itself.

But no one who simply set on a sordid journey to become hated would indeed be remembered, even Sevario knew, that if he intended to make the world despise him, if his quest to appease Boethiah’s champion, and the Daedric Prince was to be successful, he would have to have a strong power base to begin.

Spells & War – Part I / Part II – Von Harlwystyr auf TESOF

The darkening light of the afternoon had hardly lifted his spirit, but the knight and his thin companion had already ridden with much determination for the last few hours. Besides, the reign of the House of Deleyn hadn’t been harsh to the roads.

Halwend Thorne, a knight of no small skill, had travelled the lands of High Rock many times before. He had considered himself an asset during King Ranser’s War, and was a respected member of the Cobalt Cloaks for the past six years.  

The Thief, the Liar, and the Dear Reader – Von Patelin JR auf TESO-RP

2E 600 Molag Bal has and his puppets have been driven from Nirn by the soulless heroes of the alliances, racial tensions are beginning to die down, but the alliance war is reaching no climax, still no emperor sits on the ruby throne. But who are YOU? Well It’s fridas today, you’ve a had a long week, doing whatever it is you do keep yourself entertained. Everybody has had a long week, the air is slightly chilly, and gently lifting the pigments on your arms.

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