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Das ESO Rechtssystem – Ein Ärgernis für manche Spieler

Das ESO Rechtssystem ist noch nicht lange im Spiel und viele Spieler finden es großartig auch mal Ihre böse Seite so zeigen zu können. Spieler, welche allerdings dieses Feature nicht nutzen möchten, haben häufiger Probleme.

Das ESO Rechtssystem – Ein Ärgernis für manche Spieler

So passiert es nicht selten, dass man zufällig etwas klaut, was man eigentlich nicht möchte. Ein falscher Tastendruck und Ihr habt ein Kopfgeld auf Euch, sofern Ihr beobachtet werdet.

Das ESO Rechtssystem - Ein Ärgernis für manche Spieler

Im offiziellen Forum hat Mandi Parker jetzt Stellung dazu bezogen und das Ganze aus Sicht von Zenimax geschildert. Man hat überlegt, ob man dieses Feature per Option ausschalten kann, hat sich dann aber dagegen entschieden.

Das Rechtssystem wird in Zukunft noch weiter ausgebaut und man möchte, dass die Spieler interaktiver mit der Welt umgehen, aber auch vorsichtiger sind und die Regeln der Bewohner beachten.

TESO MitarbeiterZenimax on Das ESO Rechtssystem (Quelle)

We have discussed having a “no theft” type of option in the UI for players who never want to steal owned items. While this option is not consistent with the Elder Scrolls, we do understand some of the frustration with accidental looting, though we consider Justice to be an integral part of Tamriel.

Accidentally stealing a “takeable item” (an owned drink or apple on the table behind the merchant) produces a relative small bounty, and if you are intentionally avoiding criminal activity then you likely won’t suffer many consequences aside from paying a handful of gold that’s appropriate to your level. For an accidental and uncommon pick-up, it is a minor fine and you’re back to your life as an upstanding citizen. This is relatively uncommon, and so it would be a low risk and no reward mode of gameplay for these players.

When you are actually a criminal with an inventory full of stolen goodies and you accidentally pick up an owned apple near a guard rather than speaking with an npc, that’s when you get slammed and your goodies get taken by the guard, and you get hit with a massive bounty. This is a consequence of the system, though – it is a system of high risk and high rewards. Reducing the aspect of risk during the peak moments prior to reward would invalidate much of the current system. The system is part of the world and not just when it’s convenient – that’s how it is in the Elder Scrolls series.

Further, having a “No Theft” toggle would remove interactivity in the world and it would eliminate one of the few non-combat risks that people might encounter. Sometimes even the most careful player will run into a hostile monster by accident (and sometimes they get killed by this), but we do not allow players to toggle off hostility. That would be quite odd, right?

This system is designed to be augmented in the future with more social elements, and we anticipate that players will become more mindful of the laws in Tamriel. Avoiding murder as a toggle was a concession given because it could result in a massive fine and possibly death even if you otherwise play as an upstanding citizen because the bounty is so much higher than simple theft. The option is default Off because we want people to know what their options are in the world before they assume that those options don’t exist. Auto-looting stolen items is also a toggle because we wanted to allow you to specifically confirm your action to steal an individual item, as auto-looting many items at once could be as financially devastating as murder. Both of these opt-outs were specifically designed only to help players avoid the harshest penalties for truly accidental actions. (The unintentional criminal healing issue is a separate thing really, and we’re considering some options for it.)

Justice as a fully integrated system like Champion, Combat, and Crafting. It is critical to future content in the game, and we want players to learn how to live with the underlying rules of the system before introducing heavier mechanics and related content. Having said that, we will still continue to monitor friction points for players and address specific areas of concern, so please continue to report things that cause frustration and we will absolutely look into these issues as we develop the system further.

Oh! Also, if you have a hard time finding recipes or ingredients, then you should definitely spend more time in Delves and Dungeons — always unowned and usually stuffed with goodies.

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